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The Orbiter: Reducing the Risks of Space
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Satellites in motion

Space Services: Taking Care of the Junk That’s Already There

Back in April, the New York Space Business Roundtable revealed to you that market forces drive launch vehicles towards the “bus” model of launch. That tendency and its pricing model have shaped the in-space infrastructure so far. What’s next?

In May, the Roundtable joined the Reducing the Risks of Space campaign by contuing its conversation with funded, aggressive commercial space infrastructure companies whose role after launch will be vital to an entirely new and important commercial experience in space. What services are needed to ensure that we succeed in space once there? What services and innovations will they bring to market that enable the launch sector to become more specialized and less costly?

And how do we achieve a circular economy and a safer one in space? The Roundtable sought answers to all these questions and more!

Services: Catching Asteroids, Cleaning Debris & Data Mining

Speakers include:

  • Alex Fielding, Co-Founder and CEO of Privateer
  • Jack Deasy, Vice President of Business Development & Advanced Systems at Astroscale
  • Dr. Chiara Manfletti, Director and COO of Neuraspace


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Safe Space: Services – Catching Asteroids, Cleaning Debris & Data Mining

The May edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable is also available as a podcast. Listen above!

Alex Fielding, Jack Deasy and Dr. Chiara Manfletti
Privateer’s Alex Fielding (left), Astroscale’s Jack Deasy (center) and Neuraspace’s Dr. Chiara Manfletti (right)

This podcast is the fourth episode of the Safe Space podcast series. The series is sponsored by Momentus.

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