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The Orbiter: Reducing the Risks of Space
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Tackling Our Worst Fears

When discussing the risks of satellite deployment and space exploration, one major area of concern will always be national security. Concerns about cyber and nuclear threats to space grow yearly with companies and governments often working together to combat the newest challenges. As part of Reducing the Risks of Space, we took a more detailed look at these threats and how the world is addressing them in a podcast episode and a brand new Better Satellite World video. In a second podcast, we also take a look at a very different kind of threat, one to personal comfort and security in space-based environments once the threats to life and limb have been addressed.

Safe Space: Our Worst Fears

In this podcast, we hear a conversation between Nick Reese, Co-Founder of Frontier Foundry Corporation and former Deputy Director for Emerging Technology Policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Tory Bruno, President & CEO of United Launch Alliance and a member of the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame.

Nick Reese and Tory Bruno
Frontier Foundry Corporation’s Nick Reese and United Launch Alliance’s Tory Bruno

This podcast is the second episode of the Safe Space podcast series. The series is sponsored by Momentus.

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The High Ground

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The high ground has always mattered. It’s where we put our places of learning, our houses of worship and our military strongholds.

Today, the high ground is much, much higher. Satellites have become critical to defense, from monitoring for signs of attack to connecting war fighters and the machines that go with them. Because satellites are vital, they are targets for enemy action. That led the United States in 2019 to create the U.S. Space Force. This new branch of the military has an ambitious goal: to make sure that military satellite networks stay online even as enemies interfere with them, try to hack them, or knock them out of the sky. That requires something completely new: an integrated, enterprise-level view of the satellites, the secure networks that connect them and the forces deployed on the ground, sea, and air – so that enemy action can be met with immediate reaction.

The challenge is immense; in fact, creating this kind of integrated satellite planning and operation system has never even been attempted. But now, development of this new global communications and control platform is the job of Network Innovations U.S. Government.

Safe Space: Sex with Robots? Preempting Sexual Harassment in Space

In this podcast, we hear a conversation between Maria Santaguida, PhD Candidate and Researcher at Concordia University and Simon Dubé, PhD, Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute.

Maria Santaguida and Simon Dube
Concordia University’s Maria Santaguida and the Kinsey Insitute’s Simon Dubé

This podcast is the fifth episode of the Safe Space podcast series. The series is sponsored by Momentus.

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